Planted in 2005, soils in the vineyard vary from sandy to sandy loam with patches of clay loam. 7 Pinot Noir clones on 3 different rootstocks are planted amongst 27 acres of the vineyard's rolling hillsides. A 2.5 acre east-facing hillside was reserved for our 3 clones of Chardonnay, planted on low vigor 110R rootstock to showcase the exceptional character of cool climate Chardonnay. Yields in the vineyard are low and currently average 1.2 - 1.5 ton/acre for Pinot Noir and 1.5 - 2 ton/acre for Chardonnay.

Although we are not a certified organic vineyard, vineyard practices are strictly organic. Our farming approach strives for balance, harmony and co-existence between the vines and plant, animal and insect populations. We use no pesticides or herbicides and only organic fertilizers. Weed control is done mechanically.  Pest control is done through natural predators (hawks, badgers and coyotes) and trapping.