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Barron's: ACT II: TENDING THEIR OWN VINEYARD - Christian Garvin November 23, 2009

Establishing a vineyard requires loads of work and lots of capital, and turning a profit can be tough. But for one couple, the experience is fulfilling their dream of a second career doing something they love. Barron's relates their story... IT'S ALREADY DARK AS DAN KESSLER PULLS into his driveway. Even though he's retired, he still puts in 10-hour days. The difference now is that he toils in his own vineyard, and the commute is on a tractor, not in a luxury sedan. Some people expect a tranquil retirement of golf, Sunday cocktail parties and membership at a country club. For others, like Kessler, the dream is of a second career doing something they love.  Kessler spends his days designing a frost-protection system, pulling a stuck tractor out of a bog or doing other things he never did during his ...

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